The Spiral Scouts Is A Crass, Dopey, Puzzling Adventure

The Spiral Scouts Is A Crass, Dopey, Puzzling Adventure

Are you a lover of puzzles and riddles? Do you also enjoy a brightly colored art style with a Paper Mario feel? Do you also enjoy profanity and butts? The Spiral Scouts checks all of these boxes and more if you dare venture in the dark crevices of this puzzling, perplexing, and grotesque adventure.

Play as Remae, fresh meat in the Spiral Scouts, who has a tall task ahead of her. She must venture to different realms to help retrieve the founders of the Spiral Scouts so that they may reunite and perform an ancient ceremony. To break the seals that keep the founders jailed, Remae must collect Scout Badges from across the land. You’ll have to keep your thinking cap on while you solve over 50 unique puzzles to obtain these badges. Or maybe not, given that the these activities are coming from “dozens of idiots” you can interact with.

If you’re worried you’ll burn yourself out on a puzzle, don’t worry. You don’t have to take challenges on in a linear order. Along with tricky puzzles and some great music to play to, you’ll be able to enjoy some hilarious (and depraved) comedy in the form of the characters that populate the world. You’ll meet dozens of these goofs and giggle along with low-brow to witty humor (but mostly low-brow).

You can find The Spiral Scouts on Steam and Humble. You can also check out the developers, HunieDev and Plixik on Twitter!

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