Tesla vs Lovecraft Is All Thunderbolts And Lightning, Also Very Very Frightening

Tesla vs Lovecraft Is All Thunderbolts And Lightning, Also Very Very Frightening

In Tesla vs Lovecraft, eldritch horrors from beyond threaten the world and only you, Nikola Tesla, can stop them with the power of science. Yay, science!

This fast-paced twin-stick shooter has you fighting against countless unspeakable abominations. As they hunt you through each level, you can decimate them with a huge arsenal of mostly lightning-based weaponry and other neat gadgets. You can even assemble a giant mech on the go – if you manage to find all the spare parts scattered across the arena.

Tesla’s best tool is his ability to teleport short distances – and you’ll have to make ample use of it if you want to survive. The assault of those dark hordes is truly unrelenting, requiring focus and leading to near-constant edge of your seat action. A whole bunch of different enemies, from abominable fishmen to creepy spiderbeasts, as well as the occasional boss fight mix it up a bit.

Tesla vs Lovecraft is a pretty tough game overall. Thankfully, both temporary in-game upgrades (when you “level up” in a stage) and permanent improvements which can be bought on the world map make your life a bit easier. There’s a local co-op mode as well, which is always appreciated.

Being a bit burned out on arena shooters, I didn’t really expect to enjoy this game as much as I did. However, the hyper-focused gameplay and the cheeky use of its protagonists and themes had me coming back for more. Tesla vs Lovecraft gets two singed tentacles up and a hearty Iä! Iä! from me.

You can purchase Tesla vs Lovecraft on Steam for $14.99. Ports for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch will appear from another dimension tomorrow and on Friday, respectively. For more information on the game, visit its website or follow developer 10tons on Facebook and Twitter.

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