Tala Promises A Chaming Adventure Through A Tiny Natural World

Tala Promises A Chaming Adventure Through A Tiny Natural World

Out there in the wilderness, among the underbrush and moss, the world of Tala rustles to life. In this in-development point-n-click currently on Kickstarter, you’re dropped into a rustic and natural landscape, one crafted through a melding of actual photography and animations.

As the titular Tala, your journey to rescue the Town Guardian takes her through a interactive world, designed with the intent of being played with as much as presenting puzzles to be solved. Amid the homes built into mushrooms and fallen trees, you can interact with the world, receiving charming reactions from items and individuals through your actions; “signs will blow in the wind, chimneys will bellow out smoke, windows will open and close,” as stated on the Kickstarter page.

To complement its less strict design, Tala progress through its narrative wordlessly, instead providing context and personality through thought bubble vignettes and gestures as you meet denizens across the game’s woodlands environments.

Tala is currently expected to release early next year, and can be supported on Kickstarter. For more details on the game, its art style, and developer The Garden Well, visit its official site and Twitter page.

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