‘Simulacrum’ Pays a Gloomy Tribute to ‘Silent Hill’

‘Simulacrum’ Pays a Gloomy Tribute to ‘Silent Hill’

Abigail finds herself trapped in an oppressive, unsettling world of concrete and rust as she struggles to uncover her past in Simulacrum – Chapter One.

Abigail has found herself lost in a strange world of twisted puzzles and disturbing presences, and it’s up to you to help her make her way through the cloying darkness and find her way back. This means figuring out surreal mechanisms using text clues, unveiling the mystery behind cryptic notes that lie around this place, and moving ever-deeper into the broken, meandering world she’s found herself in.

Simulacrum isn’t shy about its inspirations, paying homage to Silent Hill with its focus on psychological story, its decayed environments that give way to ever-more disturbing places, and its reality that is shaped by some horrors that lie in its protagonist’s past. It’s a loving homage that aims to evoke those same feelings of discomfort and fear that the old franchise was known for, creating something that is somehow warm and nostalgic while being frightening. It sure creates an odd mingling of feelings with these two elements.

Don’t expect to run into any oddly-erotic monstrosities with huge knives or melted faces as you wander Simulacrum, though. Its challenges are all based around its puzzles and in solving the true story behind it all, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find anything to be afraid of, here. Its uncomfortable story and surreal nightmare worlds evoke a fearful atmosphere, weaving a similar magic to the games it pays homage to.

Simulacrum is available now (for whatever you wish to pay for it) on GameJolt.

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