Shoot With Style In Adult Swim’s Frantic FPS Desync

Shoot With Style In Adult Swim’s Frantic FPS Desync

Skillful shooters are quite varied nowadays, from the relentless combat of Doom and Devil’s Daggers to SuperHOT‘s slow-motion precision. Adult Swim’s new release Desync brings its own brand of skillful action to the arena, dropping players into neon gauntlets and giving them the tools to destroy their enemies in spectacular chains of trick shots and traps.

Armed with wide selection of weapons, each with multiple modes of fire, Desync throws foe after foe at you: charging axe-wielders, agile swordsmen, and other mobile enemies. Quick evasion and relentless shooting will only get you so far, however. Desync doesn’t you to just kill; it wants you to do so with style, using all your guns and surrounding environmental hazards to defeat enemies in rapid-firing spectacles.

These stylish opportunities, called Attack Sequences, reward the skillful player with massive damage, health, and even effective counters against certain enemies. Knock your attackers into spikes and saws, launch foes skyward and juggle them with subsequent shots, switch guns to kill enemies with multiple weapons or use your sidearms and main weapons together, among myriad other tricks. These Sequences require careful aim and positioning, adding a strategic layer to the hectic Quake-esque combat.

Desync is available for $14.99 on Steam. For more details on the game and developer, you can visit Desync’s site and Twitter page.

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