Shattered’s Bird Hero Dispels Evil With A Magical Bell

Shattered’s Bird Hero Dispels Evil With A Magical Bell

In the platforming, puzzling adventure of Shattered, an adorable blue bird seeks answers about nightmare creatures and missing siblings. You’ll be tasked with searching for the bird’s brother across some beautiful landscapes and vanquishing some terrifying creatures using your magical bell.

While venturing out to look for his brother, a little blue bird finds himself in the middle of a terrifying situation. Creatures are terrorizing a village of helpless birds, but, luckily, he has just the weapon – a magic bell. With the help of his trusty bell, the creatures can be felled, but what sort of terrible evil bothers cute birds, anyway? That’s the mystery you’ll be working to uncover.

It’s not all shadow creatures and danger, though, as Shattered takes you to a beautiful painted land, letting you explore gorgeous, colorful places as you strive to find answers and meet new avian allies. It’s a journey well worth taking just from how pretty it all looks, and besides, who wouldn’t help out a cute little bird?

You can find Shattered on here. You can follow the developers Yasaman Farazan, Jasmin Habezai-Ferki, Svenja Rösner, and M. Sadegh H. Broomand on Twitter.

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