‘Overseas’ Explores Poetic Places Through a Shining Starship

‘Overseas’ Explores Poetic Places Through a Shining Starship

Overseas takes you through four journeys, wandering through psychedelic jungles, unsettling woods, bad neighborhoods, and natural places as you seek a connected meaning between them.

The starship acts as a hub, connecting all of the stories you can explore throughout Overseas. You can pick where to go, taking in the visuals and seeking the meaning to the narratives you find within each place. Each offers some powerful emotions as you wander, capturing the fleetingness of time with a fragile, yet striking land, as well as finding a sense of horror and creativity within an eerie forest that seems to shift unnaturally around you.

These experiences, while seemingly separate, might have some connection between them all. The game leaves plenty of room for you to find your own meanings behind the movements, animations, and events in each world, connecting them if you think you can find a link between them all. Interpretation is part of the joy of these four works, with your imagination encouraged to get to work on what it feels it sees in this place.

Overseas may be expanded upon in the future, with the developers adding more stories onto these original four. For now, the four places you can explore right now offer a lot of meaning to be unveiled, should you take the time to open yourself up to their secret whisperings.

Overseas is available now on itch.io and Steam.

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