Kitten’d Has Players Putting Out Fires & Caring For Felines

Kitten’d Has Players Putting Out Fires & Caring For Felines

Most cat owners have had to deal with their fair share of chaos when taking care of their trouble-seeking furball. VR game Kitten’d wants experienced cat owners to take the ultimate test: keep a ton of cute kittens out of danger, be it from starting fires to activating lasers to just making a mess of things.

Happy kitties means a happy, clean, and ultimately disaster-free life. You’ll be tasked with cleaning up after the kittens, playing with them, and making sure they have lots of love, gaining points as you do so. Keeping dozens of cats all happy and cared for isn’t easy, but you can redeem the points you get for upgrades in your arsenal, like a PoopScoop 3000, and you’ll have an easier time taking care of your numerous, yet adorable, responsibilities.

Your points aren’t permanent though; if you aren’t careful in watching your kittens and they start on a path of destruction, you’ll lose points for each thing destroyed. These cats can get pretty creative in their destruction across the game’s environments, too, activating laser turrets or just setting the stove on fire. The longer you can keep your home from going down in flames, the better your chances of gaining the tools to take care of your kitten horde.

Not that it’s all hard work. You can get up close and personal with the 7 different breeds to interact with in this virtual experience, and also be able to watch all sorts of catty interactions, good or bad. Just don’t let their cute faces distract you from the mayhem they’re likely about to start.

You can find Kitten’d on Steam here. You can also check out the official website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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