‘Cadence’ Creates Music Through its Pulsing Puzzles

‘Cadence’ Creates Music Through its Pulsing Puzzles

If you love music and you love games, why not combine the both of them? In Cadence, you can play puzzle levels, make music loops, or create your own puzzles that play beautiful music you design.

As someone who doesn’t really like the challenge of making my own puzzles, but does enjoy level creation areas, I focused on the main game during my limited time with Cadence at Develop: Brighton. 

Cadence is pretty straightforward and minimalistic to look at. The various levels each have a starting point, ending point, and a few black dots for you to interact with. These black dots need to be connected so that the starting platform can send a pulse out that satisfies the needs of the ending platform. These needs mainly pertain to getting a specific number of pulses to the end platform.

The real highlight of Cadence is, of course, it’s audio. All of the levels sound so lovely, even when you mess up and don’t make the pulse all the way to the platform or figure out the level correctly. There is something about the notes the game plays and the way they are strung together that make the game itself really lovely to hear. 

Cadence is currently in development for iOS, Windows, and Mac but in the meantime, you can add the game to your Steam Wishlist.

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